Beginning this December, we are excited to host a series of interviews with ÉSIS students. Follow along to learn more about your classmates, and get a new perspective on the field! Many thanks to Cesar for being our very first student interviewee.

À compter de décembre, nous sommes ravis d’accueillir une série d’entrevues avec des étudiants de l’ÉSIS. Suivez-nous pour en savoir plus sur vos camarades de classe et obtenez une nouvelle perspective sur le domaine d’études! Un grand merci à Cesar pour avoir été notre tout premier étudiant interviewé.

… I now see that information studies can be seen in just about every existing field, not just academic or tech industries.

Cesar Becerril Edwards

Hello! Please introduce yourself.

My name is Cesar Becerril Edwards, and I am a second year MLIS student at the University of Ottawa. I come from an Economics background with no prior Information Science experience, so this was new ground for me.

What drew you to Information Studies?

I saw information studies as an emerging field and an area which was growing exponentially every year, as well gaining increased demand. I’ve always been fascinated with artificial intelligence, analytics, and logistics and I thought choosing this Master’s program fit those fascinations very well.

Has your perception of the field changed since you started?

My perception of this field has definitely changed over the course of my Master’s degree. I have been exposed within my classes to so many of my classmates from varying fields as well as having to work on different topics that I now see that information studies can be seen in just about every existing field, not just academic or tech industries.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

After graduation I hope to be able to work with artificial intelligence another emerging technology. Being at the forefront of an emerging tool as well as collaborating on various similar topics is something I hope to be able to work on at some point in my life.

Tell us about a project you really enjoyed and/or are proud of.

I am personally proud of a collaborative project taken on in my first semester of my program in the ISI5301 course taught by Doctor Heather Morrison, wherein as students we were in charge of contacting and interviewing various archival institutions, as well as hosting a virtual webinar for those who may also be intrigued in the responses.

Can you tell us more about how your courses have shaped your understanding of Information Studies?

I am completing this program in the course based option, so I was given the opportunity to learn about the field in just about any way imaginable. From learning about Data Curation, proper Preservation Standards and techniques, what to look for in Risk Assessment and understanding, as well as Management situations and best practices, my understanding of this field has been greatly broadened. I now feel that I have a deep understanding of how important information studies is in the everyday life, for any single job.

What advice would you give someone considering entering this field?

Some advice I would give to anybody considering entering this field would be to not be intimidated and ask lots of questions. I am personally most intrigued about the technological aspects of this field and working with evolving technology, yet I have few previous technological skills and come from an Economics background. Having asked lots of questions and seeking help, I have been able to learn much more in my 2 years in this program than I would have on my own in much more time.

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